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BLUEVISION (SHENZHEN) OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD is a professional China Linear Light Manufacturer and China LED Strip Factory whom is a Chinese “Linear Lighting Solutions Provider” as well as a China National High-tech Enterprise. Bluevision is committed to research, development, manufacture and marketing of LED linear light (channel light), linear profile (aluminum profile, aluminum channel), LED rigid bar, LED strip and LED linear driver. Meanwhile, Bluevision has advanced technology and powerful production capability in indoor LED linear lighting industry, devotes to provide high quality LED linear light and LED strip products as well as the best customer service to return to market demand.

  • BLUEVISION’s vision is to create a "fast reaction and beauty" enterprise

  • Market positioning: LED linear lighting industry

  • Profession persistance: Core team members have averagely more than 9 years experience in LED linear light and LED strip industry

  • Quality first: Completed quality control system, keep improvement continuously

  • Fast service: Combined high working efficiency with flexible service together

  • Core value: Innovation, Win-Win


Linear light fixture is a kind of new-style indoor lighting product, base on the theory of LINE, linear light fixture could be designed to different shapes, such theory leads a new idea of indoor lighting decoration to incline to style of concise and emphatic linear design, the concise but luxurious style are deeply adored by end users, and the traditional lighting products have been replaced step by step. Linear light fixture are widely used for home, office, shopping mall, airport and metro etc., there are huge and long-term potential market demand. Bases on concentration of HIGH-END MARKET, Bluevision concerns on R&D and production of high-end LED linear light fixture, the products are well recommended by the clients both at home and abroad as well as with huge potential market.

Linear light quick connection series are launched by BLUEVISION in
October 2016 to achieve different shape designs with easy and quick
connection, those products re-defined user experience of linear light
through modularity design and quick assembly & installation, it broke the
idea restriction of traditional lighting fixtures and complicated wiring of
old versions linear light, achieve "three quick": quick assembly, quick
connection (do not need to do complicated wiring), quick corner
connection. BLUEVISION linear light quick connection series base on
concise style and user experience improvement, emphasizeS “QUICK”
for engineer installation, create much better lighting effect than
traditional lighting fixtures, manifest the gorgeous beauty of linear light.

LED strip and LED neon strip light are the kind of products which are

assembled LED components and FPC together, we also call it as LED

tape light and LED ribbon light, such products are with the features of

flexible, cuttable, linkable, wide color temperature, high light efficacy, low voltage with safety operation and long working time etc., the products are suitable for building outline lighting, ceiling indirect lighting, jeweller

lighting, advertisement decoration, kitchen and bathroom lighting,

entertainment accent lighting and hotel decoration lighting etc. Bases on

the idea of EXCELSIOR, Bluevision concerns on R&D and production of

high-end LED strip and LED neon strip light, the products are well

recommended by the clients both at home and abroad.





BLUEVISION always focuses on product innovation and quality of products, BLUEVISION is a China National High-tech Enterprise and passed the accreditation of ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, the linear light fixtures and LED strips separately have acquired UL, ETL, FCC, DLC, CE, ROHS and CCC (China Compulsory Certification) certifications, each linear light fixture has received several National Invention Patents, Utility Model and Appearance Patents.
UL Certification

All LED strip / LED tape of BLUEVISION have acquired UL certification, UL control number E487469
ETL Certification

All linear light fixtures of
BLUEVISION have acquired
ETL certification, ETL control
number 5010725
CE Certification

All LED strips of BLUEVISION have acquired CE certification
China National High-tech Enterprise
Base on strong R&D team withproduct innovation, BLUEVISION got patents for linear light products andsuch achievements are wellacknowledged by NATIONALINNOVATION OFFICE.

BLUEVISION linear light fixtures are divided into linkable version and non-linkable version which are certified by ETL, CE & ROHS.

Linkable version: linear light fixtures could be connected by connector set quickly to extend fixtures to be super long, use only one set of AC power cable.

Non-linkable version: for usage of single fixture, more economy.

For Linear Light Fixture:

LED: light source uses high efficiency with CRI>80 or CRI>90 LEDs, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6000K are available, customized CCT also is for choice.

Fastening: simple clips to fasten light source carrier with main profile tightly, safety cord connect main profile to light source carrier to make sure double safety.

Cover: PC cover and UGR cover are for choice, much flexible for different request.

Reflector: high reflective coating layer to provide higher lighting efficiency, more even lighting output to bring better impression.

Driver: internal 3-in-1 dimmable function, much easier for different applications.

Aluminum frame: module design to provide easier and faster installation experience, a same linear light fixture could be pendant, recessed and surface mounted.

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BLUEVISION LED strips adopt multilayer FPCs of high precision version with extreme narrow BIN sorting LEDs, each procedure of production under strict quality control.

LED strips are divided to:

High light efficiency LED strip (LED tape light) series

High CRI LED strip (LED ribbon light) series

Super long LED strip (LED tape light) series

Narrow spectrum LED strip (LED ribbon light) series

Extreme cutting length LED strip (LED tape light) series

Side view LED strip (LED ribbon light) series

S shape LED strip (LED tape light) series

T shape LED strip (LED ribbon light) series

Ultra-thin LED strip (LED tape light) series

Double CCT LED strip (LED ribbon light) series (tunable)

RGBW LED strip (LED tape light) series

Waterproof LED strip (LED ribbon light) series

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