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BlueVision Catalog 2024
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1. Is BlueVision a manufacturer or trading company?
BlueVision is a professional manufacturer for high quality LED strip light, LED linear light, LED neon light and UV-C germicidal lighting products. We are integrated with


2. What are the main products for BlueVision?
(a) LED strip light,
(b) LED linear light fixture,
(c) Linear profile and accessories,
(d) LED neon light,
(e) Germicidal UV-C light.


3. Where is your factory located at?

Our headquarters is at Shenzhen city and production base is at Jiangmen city.


4. What authentic certificates and test reports for products do you have?
(a) UL for LED strip lights, control number is E487469, 

(b) ETL for LED linear light fixtures, control number is 5010725,
(c) FCC for LED linear light fixtures and UV-C lights,
(d) DLC for part of LED linear light fixtures,
(e) CE includes EMC, LVD, REACH and RoHS for LED strip lights, LED neon lights, issued by TUV Rheinland,
(f ) CE includes EMC, LVD, REACH and RoHS for LED linear light fixtures, issued by TUV Rheinland,
(g) CB report for LED strip lights, LED neon lights, issued by TUV Rheinland,
(h) CB report for LED linear light fixtures, issued by TUV Rheinland,
(i ) CCC for LED linear light fixtures.

(j ) CE includes EMC and RoHS for UV-C lights.

(k) IK10 test report of for IP66 waterproof linear light fixtures.

(l ) EPA registration for UV-C lights.


5. What warranty do you offer for your products?
(a) 5-year warranty for non-waterproof LED strip lights,
(b) 3-year warranty for waterproof LED strip lights,
(c) 5-year warranty for LED linear light fixtures,
(d) 3-year warranty for LED neon strip lights,
(e) 3-year warranty for germicidal UV-C lights.


We will repair or replace products covered under this warranty with components at BlueVision’s election or discretion if quality defect to be confirmed.


This Warranty is void and does not apply to products that fail as the result of neglect, mistake, misuse, alteration, improper installation or force majeure factors. This includes but is not limited to: improper wiring, installation under improper and nonapproved operating environments such as temperature, humidity or voltage conditions; improper installation using components that are not approved or are not BuleVision manufactured products. Please refer to PRODUCT WARRANTY for more details.


6. Would you often to change color effect of CCT?
We concern on color consistency of CCT seriously to keep same color effect for years, since we knew our clients concern on it seriously too.


7. Do you have R&D ability?
Yes, all our products are developed by our R&D team and we got a lot of National Patents for our products, BlueVision is a National High-tech Enterprise in China.


8. Do you offer OEM / ODM service?



9. Do you accept customized logo and customized package?

Yes, but there is MOQ request bases on different products, contact us for details.


10. Do you accept small order quantity?
Yes, we accept both of small and big order quantities, we are aim to offer the best service to all the clients we could cooperate with to help clients get more marketshare.


11. What is the delivery time?
Delivery time shall be difference depends on different products and quantities, we always make large stocks of raw materials, it is better to contact us to check it with specific details.


12. What is the market positioning of BlueVision?
BlueVision focuses on high quality linear lighting products such as LED strip lights, LED linear light, LED neon lights and UV-C germicidal linear lighting products only, dedicates to be a “Linear Lighting Solutions Provider” for all over the world.


13. What is your main market?
North America, Europe, East Asia and Middle East currently, we are developing more marketshare worldwide.


14. How do you sell your products?
We attend several Lighting Fairs at home and abroad each year to meet many clients and potential clients from different Countries.

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