Its a kind of porous material for sound absorption. There are a large number of tiny alveoli inside of this material and these tiny alveoli are continuous connect and open to each other to make both reverse surfaces are interlinked by tiny alveoli, when sound waves are impacting to this material, a part of sound waves would be reflected on the surface, the other part of sound waves would penetrate into the inner of this material and spread through tiny alveoli, and air movement creates viscous and frictional effects, meanwhile the temperature inside of tiny alveoli would go up when air is compressed and temperature would cool down when air is thin, moreover the material is with heat conduction effect, thereby the sonic energy is gradually transformed into heat energy to be consumed. Since such energy transformation is irreversible, this material has the function of sound absorption.

Combination of geometric image modular and colorful design with integrated theme emphasis to create vivid space to bring life and vigor for offices and commercial spaces or even residential spaces. Space condition and quality are importantly lying on more or less of noise disturbance, the noise source is mainly from below sources:

1、Talk, walk and phone call etc,

2、 Production facilities, office devices and domestic appliances etc,

3、 Various noises from outside.




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