BLUEVISION (SHENZHEN) OPTOELECTRONICS CO., LTD (hereinafter BLUEVISION) provides a limited warranty on the materials, workmanship and performance of its LED strip lights, LED neon lights and LED linear lights, when installed and operated in accordance with BLUEVISION's recommended design and operating specifications, according to the following provisions: LED strip lights, LED neon lights and LED linear lights limited warranty: BLUEVISION warrants that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. BLUEVISION's obligation under this limited warranty covers a period not to exceed the time which is guaranteed for each different product from date of receipt by Buyer, provided that such products are operated and maintained in accordance with BLUEVISION's published specifications and good engineering practices. BLUEVISION's obligation under this limited warranty is limited to the repair or, at BLUEVISION's discretion, the replacement of any product which, when examined by BLUEVISION, is determined to be defective under this provision of the limited warranty. Warranty guidelines: Warranty time starts from receipt of shipment by Buyer or maximum 40 days after shipment leaving BLUEVISION's factory: 1), LED strip lights: non-waterproof LED strips, 5-year warranty; waterproof LED strips, 3-year warranty; 2), LED linear lights: full ranges of IP40 and IP66 linear light fixtures are covered by 5-year warranty. 3), LED neon lights: 3-year warranty. Performance during the limited warranty period BLUEVISION will, on confirmation of loss of performance during the warranty period, fully repair or replace new products if the products are not over half of warranty time, if the products are over half of warranty time, fully repair or credit 1/* years x 12 months of the original purchase price of the products for each unused month of the warranty period toward the purchase of a replacment products for each unused month of the warranty period toward the purchase of a replacment products at the current prevailing price. Buyer is responsible for providing the user with adequate operating and maintenance manuals, operator and supervisor training; ensuring user's ability to perform cleaning and other performance restoration and diagnostic procedures. BLUEVISION reserves the right to request Buyer to keep or send back defect products for further inspections. Defect products shipped to BLUEVISION for warranty examination must be shipped freight prepaid. New replacment would be sent to Buyer at the cost of BLUEVISION and BLUEVISION would return shipping cost which is prepaid by Buyer to Buyer if defect products are confirmed by BLUEVISION after examination. Disclaimer This warranty is void and does not apply to products that fail as result of neglect, mistake, misuse, alteration, improper installation or improper implementation. This includes but is not limited to: improper wiring, installation under improper and nonapproved operating environments such as temperature, humidity or voltage conditions; improper installation using components that are not approved or are not BLUEVISION manufactured products. We will take no responsibilities for any loss or compensation caused by standards which are not requried in production but indeed need for custom clearence and sold markets. Failure or refusal to fully disclose to BLUEVISION the use and operating parameters of BLUEVISION products shall render all warranties other than that covering materials and workmanship null and void.